Just for Fun

I love being outdoors and playing just about anything with a ball! 

I play basketball twice a week, cycle to school (weather permitting in Ithaca), and have occasionally been seen trying to run up the biggest hill in town.  My favorite sport to play is Ultimate, but I follow baseball (go Braves!) and sometimes football (Da Bears).  I know, my teams are really bad right now, please don’t remind me.  Other sports I enjoy (but am still learning) include: golf, tennis, racquetball, rowing, table tennis, swimming, and cycling.

I also love playing in the dirt!  If I wasn’t pursuing a passion in academia I probably would have become a head gardener at a fancy estate.  I have maintained a garden during graduate school which has been a fantastic stress reliever.  My life’s goals include: hike the Appalachian Trail (all 2,168.1 miles) and visit  every National Park in the United States (58 in all).

I am lucky enough to be married to the most talented and beautiful woman I know (Rebecca) and we have three amazing children.