My Research

Research Interests

  • Behavioral Operations & Decision Making
  • Service Operations
  • Empirical Methods
  • Sustainability

Published Articles

Kong, Lu, Kejia Hu, Matthew C. Walsman (2021). Caring for an aging population in a post-pandemic world: Emerging trends in the U.S. older adult care industryForthcoming Service Science. 

Walsman, Matthew C., Michael J. Dixon (2020). Fee-based loyalty programs: An empirical investigation of benefit redemption behavior an its effects on loyalty. Service Science, Vol 12 (2-3): 100-118.

Kabadayi, Sertan, Kejia Hu, Yuna Lee, Lydia Hanks, Matthew C. Walsman, David Dobrzykowski (2020). Fostering older adult care experiences to maximize well-being outcomes: A conceptual framework. Journal of Service Management, Vol 31 (5): 953-977.

Brandon-Jones, Alistair, Michael Lewis, Rohit Verma, Matthew C. Walsman (2016). Examining the characteristics and managerial challenges of professional services: An empirical study of management consultancy in the travel, tourism, and hospitality sector. Journal of Operations Management, Vol 42-43: 9-24.

Dixon, Michael J., Matthew C. Walsman (2014). “Using Behavioral Research to Design Better Customer Experiences.” Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Vol 55 (3), 221-227.

Research in Progress

Walsman, Matthew C. “Professional service firms operations and innovations during COVID-19: Lessons learned and a roadmap for the future.”

Walsman, Matthew C. (w/ David Dobrzykowski, Michael Lewis, and Julie Robinson). “There’s no place like home: An investigation into homecare operations.”

Walsman, Matthew C. (w/ David Dobrzykowski, Michael Lewis, and Julie Robinson). “Lonely, I’m so Lonely: Improving loneliness in older adults with homecare.”

Walsman, Matthew C., (w/ Rohit Verma and Suresh Muthulingam), “Environmental Certification and Performance in Services: LEED Adoption in the Hospitality Industry”.

Walsman, Matthew C., (w/ Rohit Verma), “When do Advisers Give Bad Advice? Co-production and Mechanism Design in Professional Services”.

Walsman, Matthew C., (w/ Scott E. Sampson), “Allocating Constrained Service Capacity through a Multi-round Vickrey Auction.”

Research Grants 

2021, Recycling Enhancement Act Grant, NJDEP, $206,346, Co-PI.

2020, NJEDA Phase 2: Equity Investment Disparity Study, $78,635, Research Team.

2018, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (via NJ Dept of Health), $141,947, Research Team.

Research Awards

2019, Dean’s Young Research Fellow

2017, Finalist: Elwood S. Buffa Best Dissertation Award, Decision Sciences Institute

2017, Finalist: Industry Studies Association, Best Dissertation Award.

2015, Finalists: Best Student Paper Competition, INFORMS Service Science Division.

2015, Nominated: Best Paper, Decision Sciences Institute.

2015, Finalist: Best Student Paper Competition, Academy of Management.

2014, 2nd Place: Best Student Paper Competition, INFORMS Service Science Division.

Industry Reports

Verma, Rohit and Matthew C. Walsman (2018), “Hoteliers are Investing in Sustainability: Where does it go from Here?Hotel Yearbook 2018 – Sustainable Hospitality, pp 26-27.

Walsman, Matthew C., Rohit Verma, and Suresh Muthulingam, “The Impact of LEED Certification on Hotel Performance.” Cornell Hospitality Report, 2014, 14 (15), 1-16.

Walsman, Matthew C, Rohit Verma, and Michael J Dixon, “It’s More than Just a Game: The Effects of Core and Supplementary Services on Customer Loyalty.” Cornell Hospitality Report, 2014, 14 (23), 1-15.

Book Chapter

Howe, David C, Matthew C. Walsman, and Carol Frogley Ellertson, “Chapter 5: Individual Differences, Traits, and Ethical Leadership.” In Research Companion to Ethical Behavior in Organizations, Eds. Bradley R. Agle, David W. Hart, Jeffery A. Thompson, and Hilary M. Hendricks, 2014, Edward Elgar.